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Certificate in Education and Training (CET)

City and Guilds 6502 Level 4 - Certificate in Education and Training (CET)

(formerly known as CTLLS)

East London College offers the Certificate in Education and Training (CET) programme.  The Level 4 certificate is a first stage teaching qualification, in which you will gain a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer, planning for inclusive learning, methods in delivering and assessing in education and training, and the use of resources in education and training. 

The Certificate in Education and Training is delivered across 6 months, through a mixture of lecture and teaching practice.  This is a 36 credit qualification. 21 credits come from the following mandatory units, and the remaining 15 come from a range of optional units.

The CET is an ‘in-service’ qualification designed for those who are working or are wishing to work as teachers/trainers in England.  The qualification is on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). 

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Who is the qualification for?

  • For candidates who work or would like to work as teachers/trainers in the further education and skills sector.
  • For candidates who have just started a teacher/training role.
  • For teachers/trainers who are seeking career progression in their area of work.
  • For candidates who work with their learners on a one-to-one basis.
  • For candidates who teach in industry.
  • For candidates who are assessors and wish to achieve a teaching/training qualification.

Programme Aims

The Certificate in Education and Training is delivered across 6 months, through a mixture of lecture and teaching practice.  This is a 36 credit qualification. 21 credits come from the following mandatory units, and the remaining 15 come from a range of optional units.

Mandatory Units:

  • Unit 301 ‘Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships’ (3 credits)
  • Unit 401 ‘Planning to meet the needs of learners’ (3 credits)
  • Unit 402 ‘Delivering education and training’ (6 credits)
  • Unit 403 ‘Assessing learners in education and training’ (6 credits)
  • Unit 404 ‘Using resources for education and training’ (3 credits)

Optional Units:

  • TBC

CET Teaching Practice

As a trainee associate teacher on the CET course, you will need to complete 30 teaching practice hours.  Teaching practice often starts with some classroom observations, which are not accredited, but which will allow you to understand the setting you are in, and the requirements of the institution. 

There will be a number of theories and strategies which you will have studied at college which you will implement during your practice, and you will be required to reflect on your practice every step of the way. You will demonstrate your ability to plan, deliver and assess your students, and you will be asked to consider a range of initiatives whilst you do this. 

The theory which you learn in the classroom at college will focus your practice in areas such as planning and enabling learning, and planning for and conducting assessments. As well as studying the complete teaching cycle, and you will very early on in CET identify what your key roles and responsibilities will be in practice. 

During your 30 hours CET teaching practice, you will be observed for a minimum of 3 hours, over a minimum of 3 occasions. Your tutor will then provide you with constructive feedback, which will further your development as a teacher / trainer. 

Methods of Assessment

In order to achieve your CET, you will complete a series of theoretical and practical tasks. Our highly supportive and fully trained staff will guide you through the process, through focussed classroom activities and lectures. 

At East London College, we allocate at least 120 contact hours for CET, and students can expect to spend in the region of 120 hours on research, self-study, and teaching practice. 

You will have access to the college’s reference library, which stocks a number of texts from the recommended reading list. In addition, whilst at East London College, you will have access to specific online support tools, and unlimited internet access.

Course delivery method 

We use a blended approach to course delivery. As well as class based taught sessions, and one to one tutorials, each student will be engaged in group activities, individual research tasks, and will be encouraged to use a range of technology as well as traditional methods to meet the course criteria.  

They will also be supported whilst on their teaching placement, to ensure that they are able to put the theory they are learning in class into practice, within a real work environment. 

Each is allocated their own tutor, who will guide their assessments, and provide continuous, tailored support and feedback. Our overall approach, whilst tutor led, is student centred.

Entry requirements

Candidates wishing to undertake CET must be experienced or qualified in the subject area they wish to teach. They must be in-service, or have access to at least 30 hours of teaching.

Furthermore, the nature of both the theory and practical assessments which students need to achieve for the CET are such that candidates will need good written and spoken English, i.e. the ability to read and interpret written tasks, and to write in an academic style. 

Candidates will also need to organise their work and supporting materials clearly and coherently. 

All candidates should demonstrate:

  • Literacy and Numeracy level 2. (Overseas students should demonstrate IELTS 6.5 or higher)


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