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Student Life

Living in London

These prices are an example but we hope they will help you in your preparations:

Whole Year Cost - The cost of living in London for one year is approximately £8,500 to £9,000. This includes accommodation, travel and exam fees - but not tuition fees.

Travel - As a student you will get discounted travel on bus and underground train so (depending where you live) your month travel card will cost about £65 to £75. 

Food - You would expect to pay about £35 / £45 per week on food for one person. 

Exams - Membership fees and exam entry fees for the first year are about £150 to £200. 

Books - You will be provided with a recommended reading list which must be purchased at the beginning of the course. Tutors may also suggest additional books which may be helpful. A budget of £100 to £150 would be appropriate. You must also make provision for your own stationery.

Accommodation - With a host family will cost approximately £105 per week. Alternatively, you may choose to share a house or apartment with your fellow students which may cost approximately £60 to £80 per week.