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About Us

Mission Statement

Our Motto

To provide quality, affordable education for deserving students.

Our Mission Statement

East London College is committed to excellence in education by ensuring that learning, as a continuous stream, takes place within and beyond our premises and during and after the tenure of our students

Our Vision

In its pursuit of excellence in education, East London College will continue to be innovative, always thriving for higher academic standards and in impacting our student body be transformed to worthy contributors in the communities they would belong to.

Our Strategy Statement

Our strategy is to consolidate and enhance our existing institutional facilities through our competencies, total commitment, dedication and appropriate use of new technologies.

What We Are

East London College is an epitome of quality, affordable education. Our course portfolio encompassing accounting, business, teaching & computing is driven by right affiliations including IAM, ABE, City & Guilds etc. Our final year computing degree is awarded by the University of Greenwich. Our students enjoy the warmth of a family milieu.